30 day challenge starts now.


I just watched the video. Now I’m inspired.

I have three 30 day goals!

1) As soon as I finish this absolutely wonderful tasting Dr. Pepper that is sitting on my desk I will not have another one for 30 days. I hope that this challenge will permanently break my habit. It will be a hard habit to break.   A ten year habit, actually. What the heck? My parents let me have soda? Shame on them! Kidding Mom! 😉

2) I want to do some sort of exercise everyday. It can be taking Jodi for a walk or suffering through P90x. It doesn’t matter – just do something.

3) Actively work at learning all the ins and outs of my camera and start taking pictures of things/people other than my husband and my daughter.

By Little


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  1. You might want to stock up on aspirin to replace the Dr. Pepper for a few days. Honestly, I think they say it takes 7 days to go through caffine withdrawl.

  2. Ashley says there’s a video on the right sidebar that says NOT to share our goals. Irony. We’re going to ignore that one.

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