Rain. Right Now, Rain!


I grew up and still live in a place where there is literally an ice storm every single winter that prevents most from walking outside, because if you go, you’re going to bust your ass on the ice and say things that are inappropriate for children to hear. Then, you get up and somehow have to find your way back into the house where, no doubt, there is no electricity because the pole snapped in half three miles away and they won’t be able to fix in until Friday. It’s Monday. Apparently, a lot of poles have snapped. Don’t worry, you won’t freeze to death because, thank God ,you have propane. Oh, and the food in the freezer will be fine – just put it outside.

This very same place is similar to hell in the summer time. This summer, in particular, has been awful. It has been over 100 degrees for 28 days now. I went to SW Louisiana a few weekends ago weekend and I’m not joking, it felt cool in comparison.

I’m in a very rural area. People are trying to cut hay to sell, or so that they have plenty of feed this winter, but we are barely able to get enough to cover the cost of cutting it.  My dad is a rancher, and my husband works on a horse ranch. Their jobs/lives literally depend on somewhat cooperative weather.  The common consensus is that we need rain.

About a week ago, we were looking off the back porch and we could see rain all around us. There was rain north of us, but I could tell it was too far north to be actually raining on my parent’s ranch. When you see the town, where they really don’t need rain because the don’t make a living off of their pretty green 12 x 12 yards getting a downpour, it does one of two things: 1) pisses you off 2) makes you think the world is out to get you.

I’ve thought about a rain dance – really, I have, but I Googled it, and apparently rain dances are pretty controversial. Who knew?  It’s cloudy out, so I’m going to keep hoping for rain. I have plans to go watch the guys rope at the arena tonight. Outdoor plans can usually prompt a rain. I’m going to take my camera with no protection, so surely that will cause a down pour!

By Little


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