I had plans to write a post entirely about Pinterest. Why? Because it’s awesome. Then, my morning happened. So Pinterest is for another day.

Background: My husband left for Louisiana yesterday to help his sister and her family (husband and two little ones) move. I was dead set on mudding and painting my kitchen while he was gone because he would be so impressed with everything I had done. I got all the mudding done and about three quarters of the painting done. Not bad when it’s just me and a 9 month old who is insistent on eating the mud. I literally washed her hands at least 10 times in a 2 hour period. Everything was going good. Jodi went to sleep at about 8, so I finished my painting for the night, took a shower, started a load of clothes and folded the ones in the dryer.

When I got in bed I couldn’t sleep because it was thundering, and I was a tad bit paranoid about being home alone. All the serial killers movies happen like this.

When I finally gave myself the “you are an adult stop being a baby” pep talk and fell asleep I slept really hard until Jodi woke up hungry at about 4 AM. When I woke up I realized the fan was off. My first thought was “great someone is in my house and they are turning my fans off.” Then, I realized it was really hot and the air conditioner was off too. My thought were then, “Awesome, they cut the electrical line and Jodi and I are done for.”

I seriously thought these things for a few moments. I’ve obviously watched too much Dateline.

When I finally made myself snap out of my half asleep induced horror movie plot I grabbed Jodi and a flashlight so I could flip the breaker. Our breaker always flips in the winter so naturally, I thought that must have been the problem. Nope. So I took the flashlight to make Jodi a bottle and had no water pressure, which means the electricity at the well is off too. I decided I would drive to my mother-in-laws, only about 1/2 mile, because she was home alone too and surely she’d have electricity. By this point, Jodi is mad because all she wants is a bottle not to be drug around the world at 4:15 AM.

On my way, I called the electric company and they informed me that all of my area was out because there was a problem with a substation, whatever that is, and someone was on their way to fix it that very moment (liars). I got to my mother-in-laws and there was no electricity there either, but she had enough water pressure to at least make my starving child a bottle. I made the bottle and headed back home. When I get there my front door was locked and guess what! I didn’t have the key. So at 4:30 AM I moved my husbands spur board, which is really freaking heavy, popped out the screen on the kitchen window and  crawled through. When we finally got inside I had about 45 minutes before I needed to get ready for work and Jodi was sweating to death because it’s 4:45 AM and already 85 degrees.

At 6:45 AM  when I left for work there was still no electricity.

At 10:20 AM, I’m not sure if I have electricity, but I am very conflicted on if I should start locking my windows or not.


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