Big: Becky lives, teaches and studies in the desert. She is the wife of a rock climber/social worker/bicyclist, the mother of a story-spinner/ninja/extrovert, the oldest sister of a smart brother and beautiful sister and the daughter of the best people she knows.

Little: Jackie lives in the country. Full-time student studying Early Childhood Education. Full-time mom to a perfect baby girl, Jodi. Full-time wife to a horse trainer, Clint. Sister to a realist brother and a dreamer sister, daughter of a hard-working rancher and supermom.  Full grown, but still referred to as “the baby.”

In-Law: Ashley lives in the city and works in brand management for a large corporation.  She is married to the smart, realist brother of Big and Little.  Together they love to explore Kansas City and uncover the city’s hidden gems.  No kids yet for this couple but they do have the cutest mutt you’ve ever seen — a miniature golden retriever named Annie.  Ashley was once told that she has an “adventurous heart mixed with a logical mind.”


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