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Little: 30 day challenge update!


I’ve done well on somethings and not so well on others.

1)  Dr. Pepper –I’ve totally cheated with the Dr. Pepper thing, but I definitely do not drink as much. One every 2 or three days is much better than daily, right?

2) Exercise – I’ve done pretty good on this one! I haven’t done it daily because, well, some days I have a clingy baby and some days I have errands and some days it 1538793749 degrees outside. I have been exercising about 4 times a week though. Tracy Anderson is killer, but I like her and Jodi loves going on walks with me.

3) Photography –  I can honestly say I’ve been reading every single day! I asked two people today if I could take pictures for them. One will be in the fall, a maternity shoot, and the other will be anytime now, a newborn. 🙂 I am SOOOO beyond excited, ya’ll! Now if Big and In-Law would come for a visit I could have a family and a couples shoot too!

Here’s a picture I took of Jodi the other day. Just to show I’m working on it!

Cutest kid ever, huh?


Documenting Life


I bought a camera in February. I was absolutely scared to death to buy such a fancy piece of equipment. I wavered. Talked to my husband, talked to my mom, talked to myself. Then, I finally clicked the “confirm order” button.

This is what I got:

A way too cool for me Pentax K-r. I got the kit that included an 18-55mm lens and a 55-300 mm lens and because all of that didn’t cost enough I added a 50 mm lens.

As nervous as I was, I love it! I was paying someone $100 every time I wanted to have professional (or professional looking) pictures of my daughter. Now, I dress her in a cute outfit, we go out the back do into the field and voilà we’ve got pictures.

Getting the hang of a DSLR camera is difficult. Actually, I’m not sure that I have the hang of it yet. I’ve read the manual once and now on my second attempt things are making sense.

I’ve had my share of bad turnout. However, the good ones are great.

This post is not to sell you a Pentax. I’ll get nothing from that, but to remind you to document life. Throughout this blog I plan to document everything I can with my new best friend.

By Little