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Motivating myself!


Not the point of my post, but I’m feeling a little like the lone sister here!


In my area, possibly every area, there are people doing shake diets like crazy. Seriously, my Facebook news feed is nothing but people showing off their new, post shake selves. This is totally great for them, but I am in no way a shake diet person. I tried it for two days once and I think my husband thought seriously about divorcing me. I was mean, almost as mean as I was when I was pregnant, and I was SO SO SO hungry. No shakes for me. I have to eat and quite frankly I eat a lot!

For the past few months I’ve been reading about the Paleo Diet, a.k.a. Primal, Caveman, or Blueprint.  I have about 5-10 lbs. that I could lose, but mostly I was just feeling like I had been hit by a truck when I got home from school. I had no energy at all and I have a 14th month old to enjoy so that just won’t work! So I read and read and read some more (herehere and here are a few good sites). Everything about it made sense to me. I am a total carnivore. I could eat meat all day everyday and if you want to throw in a bunch of vegetables that’s awesome too. I’ve never been a bread eater so that wasn’t difficult for me to give up. The two hardest things for me were/are probably sugar and cheese! I LOVE cheese.

I’m on Day 4 of Paleo eating and I can honestly say I haven’t had this much energy since before I was pregnant with my daughter and even then I’m not sure I felt this good! I also am so full after meals and bonus – I’m not having to eat teeny tiny bird portions! Also, since having my daughter, I’ve felt like it was impossible for me to find time to workout. There was no way I could workout. Not an extra 30 minutes anywhere. However, I have been able to workout everyday since starting Paleo. I feel stronger and haven’t had any cravings or headaches.

I have no doubt that Paleo isn’t for everyone, but I’m loving it so far! So, as a way to keep myself in check I’m going to post here periodically about my Paleo journey – difficulties, victories and meal plans!




Barbie Cans


The husband comes home, surveys the  fort  of pillows the boy and I have made in the living room and correctly guesses that I haven’t bothered with dinner.

Me: “Nope. The boy needed to play after a morning of watching Jen and I can.”

Husband: “Let’s go out.”

I throw on a dress, heels to hide my summer ugly feet, comb out my hair and slap on lipstick.

Me: “Let’s go.”

As we walk into the downstairs of the converted house to restaurant, a fellow diner with bobbed hair, a perfect tan and a trendy t-shirt looks at me and sighs, “Here comes Barbie.” I stop and stare. She’s fifteen to twenty years older than me, attractive, dining with other women. I wanted to defend myself, say that beyond blondish hair, I look nothing like Barbie. If anything, I look like Barbie’s stumpy older sister. I wanted to say, “This Barbie spent her day canning and pickling zucchini.” Instead, I took a seat and mentally planned a phone call to my sister and mother.

I ate vegetable lasagna, the boy devoured a miniature pizza, the husband a salad drowned in salami and olives, and I fumed.  I fumed and thought of all the studies and theory I have read on identity performance, and yet, I consistently suck at performing identity, or at least, I am consistently read in a way that is at odds with my self-conception. Then, I asked for another glass of red wine and thought, “Screw it. I canned zucchini.”

And yes, canning evoked that much pride. To can, one must follow multiple steps and overcome the constant fear of botulism and third degree burns.  It helps to have a friend who will not shudder at expletives and not flinch at your blunders, like almost forgetting to add the pickling salt. If that friend is also a skilled technical communicator that is also thinking of revising the instructions to make them more usable, consider yourself blessed. I did.

Behold the fruits of our labors.

The cans sealed, but I am still waiting to taste  for pickling takes five days.  We used Bon Appetit’s recipe.

Jen brought pulverized grapes and made jam, delicious jam.

During the process, there were scares and squeals, but now that I know the process, I will do it again, and if all else fails, I will launch Beck’s Preserves, assuming that no one dies upon tasting the pickled zucchini.

By Big