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People I like and you should like, but not more than us.


I’ve been a little blog obsessed since Becky started her first blog (I don’t really know that it was her first, but was the first that I read) about 6 years ago. She would link to all these different blogs and they would link to more blogs and pretty soon I’d be so lost in blogsphere I wouldn’t know where I started. Throughout the years I’ve found people I love reading, I visit these two¬†multiple times a day every now and then:

Rebecca Woolf – She’s the definition of cool. She is a mom to two kids (one two) and is pregnant with TWINS! I kind of want to be her best friend, but instead I just frequent her website.

DOOCE! (I guess we can use her real name Heather Armstrong) – Her website is fun. She’s totally Blog Queen of the Internet. I don’t really agree with much of what she thinks about the world and/or who’s running it, but I still visit her site every single day. She’s one of those people that can insult you and you still think it’s funny. I like that. If nothing else you have to go see her ridiculously beautiful girls and her dysfunctional canine family members.

Equally as fun and interesting are:

Not blogs per se, but fun!

I think we are starting our kitchen remodel this weekend. I’m excited to leave the 1920s theme and venture into today’s world. Pictures soon!

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