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Little: 30 day challenge update!


I’ve done well on somethings and not so well on others.

1)  Dr. Pepper –I’ve totally cheated with the Dr. Pepper thing, but I definitely do not drink as much. One every 2 or three days is much better than daily, right?

2) Exercise – I’ve done pretty good on this one! I haven’t done it daily because, well, some days I have a clingy baby and some days I have errands and some days it 1538793749 degrees outside. I have been exercising about 4 times a week though. Tracy Anderson is killer, but I like her and Jodi loves going on walks with me.

3) Photography –  I can honestly say I’ve been reading every single day! I asked two people today if I could take pictures for them. One will be in the fall, a maternity shoot, and the other will be anytime now, a newborn. 🙂 I am SOOOO beyond excited, ya’ll! Now if Big and In-Law would come for a visit I could have a family and a couples shoot too!

Here’s a picture I took of Jodi the other day. Just to show I’m working on it!

Cutest kid ever, huh?


In-Law: 30-Day Challenge — What am I doing?


So, here are the things I’ve challenged myself to do for 30 days….

  1. No more hitting the snooze button.  During the summers, we sleep in our guest room because it is so much cooler.  Unfortunately, it’s also quieter and darker which makes it so hard to get out of bed in the morning.  It’s not uncommon for us to hit the snooze bar 5 or 6 times.  So far, I’m about 50/50 on meeting this goal.  Just so you know, my track record would be much higher if my husband didn’t insist on setting the alarm for ridiculously early times.
  2. Clean the kitchen every night before going to bed.  We have 2 tables and lots of counter space in our kitchen and the bad habit of piling junk, dishes, and food on the open spaces.  Overall, I’ve been doing pretty good on this challenge.  It’s such a nice feeling to walk down the stairs to a clean kitchen in the morning and to come home to a clean kitchen after work.
  3. Respond to phone calls/texts/emails/facebook in a timely manner.  I love hearing from people but I rarely respond.  It’s as if I like to bask in the fact that I received some sort of contact from a friend and I’m just going to enjoy that feeling for a while before I respond (I equate this to wearing new shoes only around the house for the first couple weeks so they don’t lose the “new” feeling too soon).  Unfortunately, I usually forget to respond altogether.  I’ve actually done pretty well (for me) with this challenge.  I hope to keep it up.

30 Day Challenge Update: New Vocabulary and Traitorous Fingers



Yesterday, was a day of failure. I spilled lemonade, dyed dingy white towels a deep fuschia instead of a deep red, failed to finish a book review, took darling pictures of the boy without a CF card, and only made it through thirty minutes of yoga because I have the attention span of a gnat. Yesterday sucked.

Then, I visited the blog and read In-law’s funny post and Little’s plaintive post, and smiled. We’re doing this. So what if every ant in New Mexico now calls my kitchen home, my bathroom looks like a bordello, I find it impossible to pen 400 more words, and I never master crow pose? We’re blogging together.

And, while yesterday was a failure, and I totally logged into facebook this morning, the first week of the thirty day challenge was not a complete blow out.

The Yoga

Day 1: Kiss the Edge of Challenge. I fell out of crow pose. Twice.

Day 2″ Transforming Fear. In every pose, I thought about facebook. Every pose.

Day 3: Core Consciousness. Yoga has a strange vocabulary: surrender, assimilation, lock.

Day 4:  Secrets of Yoga. I have never fully considered my armpits until told to “loop your armpits back.”

Day 5: Setting an Intention. My intention — focus.

Day 6: Power and Concentration. I failed to concentrate and only made it through the first thirty minutes.

Day 7: Find Roots and Establish Balance. Favorite quote: “Notice how your mind is not helpful at all.” I have been noticing this for much of my life.

Day 8: Totally skipped.

Day 9: Thirty minutes of Power and Concentration. Obviously, I do not have power and concentration.

Day 10: Balancing for Core Stability and Will. The instructor says  “Find ease through your efforts.” This has become my new mantra.

The Facebook

On day one, I have to stop my fingers from typing in the address, and I replace one addiction for another by rediscovering blogs I haven’t read in years like Here be Hippogriffs and Woulda Shoulda. By day two, I feel righteous. Facebook? Who needs facebook? Day three, four, and five are much of the same, but on Sunday, I have a breakdown. Little tempts me with a picture of the world’s most gorgeous baby. I cave. Today, I get up, pour coffee and type in the cursed URL. There are beautiful pictures of my cousin, so I justify it. I needed to tell my cousin she was beautiful. That’s what cousins do.

This week, I’ll do better. I’ll think transformative thoughts during yoga instead of snide ones. I’ll train my fingers to work, instead of type in the evil URL. This week, I’ll become an industrious human being.

By Big

30 day challenge starts now.


I just watched the video. Now I’m inspired.

I have three 30 day goals!

1) As soon as I finish this absolutely wonderful tasting Dr. Pepper that is sitting on my desk I will not have another one for 30 days. I hope that this challenge will permanently break my habit. It will be a hard habit to break.   A ten year habit, actually. What the heck? My parents let me have soda? Shame on them! Kidding Mom! 😉

2) I want to do some sort of exercise everyday. It can be taking Jodi for a walk or suffering through P90x. It doesn’t matter – just do something.

3) Actively work at learning all the ins and outs of my camera and start taking pictures of things/people other than my husband and my daughter.

By Little

Big’s 30 Day Challenge: No Facebook, Lots of Yoga


It’s summer. I’m a mom, a Ph.D. student, a wife. I want to loafe, but I have work, much work, work which if I do not do now will haunt the school year, curse my family time, and in short, ruin my life. Thus, today begins a thirty day challenge, inspired by the lovely Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl, who was inspired by this TED talk (Go. Watch. It’s short.).

  • Challenge No. 1: No Facebook. During the two hours I have allotted for writing, I’m checking Facebook every five-ten minutes. Facebook checking is taking up thirty minutes of actual time, and much, much more of brain processing time. I do not have time to waste. If I use those two hours this summer, I will not need to become acquainted with 4 AM. I will not need to inject coffee into my veins. I will not need to haul a laptop to the boy’s soccer games and practices. No more Facebook — at least, not for the next thirty days. However, I am going to allow myself to post news articles to Facebook, as long as I don’t actually enter the site. Hey, I’m weak, and I do use it as a warehouse.
  • Challenge No. 2: One hour of yoga every day. Yoga has some things to teach me, things I need to learn, like how to sit still, how to rest upside down, how to pay attention. I want yoga to be part of  my day, like reading and cooking, so I’m authorizing a yoga binge before school starts, in hopes of creating a habit. I have a head start on this challenge, I’m four days in.

Sisters? Mom? Join me.

By Big