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Day 3



You waited. Grades were in. Finals completed. Your brother graduated from kindergarten. Once the end of the year flurry was over, you came. You came at night, 2:44 AM, with a head of blonde and red hair, the biggest surprise.

You’ve been with us for three days, now. The first day you dozed as nurses and doctor poked and prodded. The second day, we brought you home and you dozed, intermittently staring at us, the wall, the patterns in your bedroom. The third day, today, you cried. You cried with each diaper change, long, piercing wails for an infant only 56 hours old. Once, you pulled an Aunt Jackie and held your breath, an impressive force of will. At the moment, I’ve handed you to your father and you’re sleeping, happily. We must figure out this diaper thing. It’s rather non-negotiable, the bodily removal of waste and your mother’s disposal of it, so I am not sure how to stop the screaming, but don’t worry, your mother does not lack for imagination, and I will think of something. Something.

In other news, the house welcomed us home. The washer and a toilet backed up on the day your father returned to work. It was lovely.

Welcome to our family, Max. We’ve been waiting for you to complete our family, and now, you’re here, filling our house with your protests, your sleep smiles, and your laundry. Welcome, little one.


2012: The Year of the Blog!


The holidays are over and it’s a new year!

I am not big on New Year’s Resolutions because I forget what they were or don’t follow through. However, this year I am going to worry less, enjoy more and slow down. Simple, yet incredibly difficult for me to do! The best part – I wrote it, here.

On another note, after a great holiday meal the sisters and I were discussing our struggling blog. Let me assure you, 2012, you are the year of the blog!

Soon: Pictures of Christmas!




I went to Oklahoma State for my first two years of college (In-law  graduated from OSU and Big spent a semester there as well, Go Pokes!). I loved pretty much everything about it (except that it wasn’t home and I had to study, boo).  I really loved the music. Stillwater claims to be ‘the originally home of Red Dirt music.’  But, Red Dirt isn’t the only type of music coming from Stillwater. OSU is where a ton of bands/singers have got their start. The All-American Rejects, Garth Brooks and Cross Canadian Ragweed are just a few that started their long trek to fame in fortune in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  

I know that Big, In-Law and I all have very different tastes in music so I thought it might be fun for each of us to take turns posting songs or artist that we’re loving right now. I’ll go first! 🙂

I’m kind of obsessed with The Band Perry right now. They are composed of two brothers and their sister. I love the way their music sounds. My husband says they sound ‘high school,’ but I have fond memories of high school so I don’t care.

My favorite song:

Another group I’m loving is Pistol Annies. My cousin actually introduced me to them and I couldn’t get enough. They only have their single out right now, but the entire album release next week. They remind me of the Dixie Chicks in the late 90s early 2000s.

In-Law: 30-Day Challenge — What am I doing?


So, here are the things I’ve challenged myself to do for 30 days….

  1. No more hitting the snooze button.  During the summers, we sleep in our guest room because it is so much cooler.  Unfortunately, it’s also quieter and darker which makes it so hard to get out of bed in the morning.  It’s not uncommon for us to hit the snooze bar 5 or 6 times.  So far, I’m about 50/50 on meeting this goal.  Just so you know, my track record would be much higher if my husband didn’t insist on setting the alarm for ridiculously early times.
  2. Clean the kitchen every night before going to bed.  We have 2 tables and lots of counter space in our kitchen and the bad habit of piling junk, dishes, and food on the open spaces.  Overall, I’ve been doing pretty good on this challenge.  It’s such a nice feeling to walk down the stairs to a clean kitchen in the morning and to come home to a clean kitchen after work.
  3. Respond to phone calls/texts/emails/facebook in a timely manner.  I love hearing from people but I rarely respond.  It’s as if I like to bask in the fact that I received some sort of contact from a friend and I’m just going to enjoy that feeling for a while before I respond (I equate this to wearing new shoes only around the house for the first couple weeks so they don’t lose the “new” feeling too soon).  Unfortunately, I usually forget to respond altogether.  I’ve actually done pretty well (for me) with this challenge.  I hope to keep it up.

Skipped Introductions and the Mind of a Type A Mom


An introduction feels necessary, like we should discuss our expectations, but I am not teaching and summer is for breaking rules, so I’ll forgo an introduction and trust our posts will introduce us.

The boy has spent his summer with lovely babysitters and a magical ten-year old, while I taught. He will spend the rest of his summer with the decidedly less lovely and magical me.  The less lovely and magical me wants it to be the best summer in the history of summers, for it’s his last before kindergarten.  In addition, to swimming, water balloons and the park, here are some of the things we’re doing, and have done, to keep the summer moving.


The Science Toy Maker:  a teacher genius, this guy’s put together youtube videos and instructions for simple science projects that work. The babysitters facilitated the cartesian diver (which the boy showed to all who would look) and the climbing man, but the boy and I will tackle the glider, air rocket and robotic fingers.

The Space Place: in honor of the end of the shuttle program, we plan to explore some of NASA’s activites, but beware, NASA expects the average home to have strange things.

Kindergarten Ready Computer Time (while I don’t want to be that mom, I am so that mom)

Big Green Rabbit: you should know that I have questionable taste in music (Linda Ronstadt, EmmyLou Harris and Dolly Parton are the best trio of all time) that being said, I do love the Big Green Rabbit music. It’s danceable. They also offer games that teach mouse skills and dance lessons.

Read, Write, Think: ABC Match: designed by the International Reading Association and funded by Verizon, it’s exactly as it sounds.

Read, Write, Think: Construct-a-Word: kids pick an ending and a beginning to make a word.

Read, Write, Think: Picture Match: kids match sounds to a picture.

Outdoor Random

Obstacle Course Menu: we’ve modified this to fit our surroundings and materials, but it will no doubt become a standby.

Arctic Games: we’re obsessed with the Arctic Games and have dreams of kicking a ball in the air with both feet. Doesn’t everyone obsess over such things?


The Brilliant Roald Dahl Cookbook

The Brilliant Roald Dahl Cookbook

Flag Pizzas

 By Big